Pain Relief For Sciatica Pain

Any time you have intense pain of sciatica running from your lower back down your legs you are always looking for pain relief for sciatica pain you feel. Relief for sciatica can come in many different forms ranging from exercise, anti-inflammatory and pain medication to surgical treatments.

Not all sciatica issues require surgical treatment. Most cases are treated with medication to bring relief for sciatica. Mild cases may be treated with aspirin, ibuprofen or other over the counter medication. Many times non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed to provide relied for sciatica. If these prove ineffective stronger medication may be prescribed. These stronger medications come with a risk of addiction and should be taken seriously. Another medication often prescribed is muscle relaxers and they should not be taken lightly either.  Although they may provide relief for sciatica pain they may also make you drowsy and can cause risk while operating a vehicle. There are many natural methods that have great success in curing or reducing sciatica symptoms so consulting a natural or traditional medicine practitioner or even acupuncturist is also an option.

Exercise is one of the best ways to gain long-term pain relief for sciatica. Exercise is good for your general health and can train your muscles to be more relaxed and stronger which will reduce the pressure they put on your sciatica nerve. If all other options have failed your health care provider may suggest surgery.  If the cause of your pain is a herniated disk a microdisectomy may be suggested. This procedure removes whatever is compressing the sciatica nerve and can provide relief from the pain.

Sciatica symptoms may sometimes result from spinal stenosis. This is a condition that causes nerve compression and is often resolved with a procedure called a lumbar laminectomy. This procedure gives more room to the nerve bundle by removing bones from the vertebra.

A common and one of the oldest procedures is called a diskectomy. This procedure brings pain relief for sciatica by removing a disk that may be causing the problem. The pressure from the disk that is removed was the cause of the sciatica pain and once this is removed the symptoms will be reduced.

One of the final options a patient with sciatica or back pain may choose is a spinal fusion. A spinal fusion will join two or more vertebrae in an effort to relieve compression and irritation.  This treatment option is usually reserved for patients with years of injury or when osteoporosis has already set in.  The primary reason this is usually left to last in the treatment options is this may leave a patient with little movement in the spine.

Medicine has made serious advances over the years in the treatment of sciatica. Pain relief of sciatica is as unique as the person suffering this pain and what works for one person may not work as well for another. This is why you should always seek medical advice from a professional when you start seeking pain relief for sciatica pain.

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