How to Find Real Relief of Sciatica Pain

If you are seeking relief of sciatica pain then keeping your back in good health is something you should work on daily. This work includes more than just taking medications when you have pain flare-ups.  To truly have long lasting relief of sciatica you must make changes that will keep the underlying problem from coming back again and again.

Many people find the relief of sciatica pain they seek through regular exercise. It is always important to see your health care provider first before you begin any exercise program. A thorough examination should be done to rule out any serious back problems that might be causing your pain. Once you are sure the pain is not caused by serious damage to your back then you can discuss the best stretching exercises for your particular condition with you health care provider. The best stretching exercises that offer relief of sciatica pain target the muscles that are causing the pain. The sciatica nerve runs through certain muscle groups that can become tight and compress this nerve causing pain. You health care professional can give you specific advice on how best to target the underlying cause of your sciatica pain.

Once you begin an exercise routine you should also minimize everyday stress on your back to see the best results in your search for relief of sciatica pain. You should pay special attention to the use of proper ergonomics while lifting and always try to maintain a good posture. Good posture is not only restricted to how you stand but also how you sit and how you lay down. An important factor to good posture while sitting is to be sure your lower back is being properly supported. You should be able to lightly rest your back against the back of the chair while sitting. Leaning too far back or sitting too straight up should be avoided.  A footrest bringing your knees to level or a little higher than your hips will also help improve posture while sitting.  Make sure you are leaning too far forward while trying to see what you are working on. Be sure you computer monitor is properly adjusted so you can look straight on and not up or down to read it.

Avoiding sitting or standing for overly long periods will help maintain a healthy back. Taking breaks from sitting every thirty to sixty minutes is a good idea if possible. If you cannot avoid standing for long periods of time shifting your weight from one foot to the other and placing a foot on a box or curb or something to elevate it can also help.

Something else to consider when seeking relief of sciatica is how you sleep. Sleeping on your stomach should be avoided as this can put stress on your muscles, disks and ligaments. If you are unable to sleep without lying on your stomach try putting try putting a pillow under your hips. Putting a pillow under your hips in this case can help align your spine and assist in relief of sciatica pain.

It is very important to finding relief of sciatica that you take steps to care for your lower back. Once you take proper care of your lower back you will find much of your sciatica problems will be permanently solved. There are many natural cures for sciatica and these are just a few suggestions to learn more CLICK HERE.

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