Exercises to Relieve Sciatica Pain

One effective treatment for sciatica pain is exercise in order to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. When you strengthen these muscles your spine has much less weight to carry, as the muscles will help carry the body’s weight. Be sure to consult a doctor, chiropractor or certified trainer who can advise you on the correct exercises you might want to use. Sometimes in rare cases sciatica pain may be due to a tumor an infection or other damage and these causes will require medical attention. Before starting any exercise plan you will need to know the cause of your sciatica pain so you can be sure you are using the correct exercises for the situation. Unfortunately the wrong exercises can worsen the sciatica pain and performing the correct exercises without proper form can make them ineffective.

It is always better to exercise to relieve sciatica pain than just stay in bed. You may need bed rest a day or two after a flare up but not moving will eventually make the pain worse. Lack of movement will make the back muscles weaker and that can lead to further problems. Exercise and proper nutrition also helps your spinal disk exchange nutrients and fluids, which can help, prevent pressure on the sciatica nerve.

You should begin exercise gently and regularly in order to build strength and flexibility. Along with strengthening the abdominal and core muscles, you should work on the area directly associated with your sciatica nerve. The most closely associated muscle is the piriformis muscle, which is located on the inside of your buttocks. The sciatica nerve runs directly through this muscle and if it tightens it can apply pressure to the nerve. The best way to stretch this muscle is to lie flat on your back and lift your legs to a 45-degree angle. Then place your right leg over your left like you were crossing them and pull them gently towards your chest. You will need to hold that position for a minute then release switch legs and repeat the exercise. You should notice some relief quickly after trying these.

Most types of sciatica pain will also benefit if you regularly stretch your hamstring. The hamstring is the muscle in the back of the thigh. If these muscles are overly tight they will increase the stress on your lower back. This stress can often aggravate or even sometimes cause the conditions that lead to sciatica pain. One of the best forms of exercise you can do is simply walking. This is an easy exercise and excellent for your lower back. This is a great low impact exercise and you should try to gradually increase the distance you walk up to three miles a day at a brisk pace.

Committing to a regular and gentle form of strength and stretching exercises that target the specific muscles effecting your sciatica nerve can help you recover much more quickly from a flare up. This exercise will also help you be less likely to have flare ups in the future. These exercises are only one of many natural sciatica cures you can choose from for more information on natural sciatica cures CLICK HERE.

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